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  Bromark Rapid Label   
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Quality Control Labels
Save time with Rapid Labels Preprinted Quality Control Labels, in stock ready to ship. All labels shown are printed on smudgeproof white paper facestock and are supplied with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Other colours are available on request. If you don't see a label that fits your requirements, contact Rapid Label and we will create one for you. Check back often as we will be adding new designs as they become available.
Quality Control Labels

QC HoldSpecial Offer!   CAD29.95

QC Hold RL100 
One of our most popular designs.

QC Hold (small)CAD24.95

QC Hold (small) RL205 

QC Hold Special Offer!   CAD29.95

QC Hold  RL101 

Approved (small)CAD24.95

Approved (small) RL202 

ApprovedSpecial Offer!   CAD29.95

Approved RL102 

Rejected (small)CAD24.95

Rejected (small) RL206 

RejectedSpecial Offer!   CAD29.95

Rejected RL105 


Accepted RL204 

AcceptedSpecial Offer!   CAD29.95

Accepted RL103 

Released (small)CAD24.95

Released (small) RL203 

ReleasedSpecial Offer!   CAD29.95

Released RL104 

Quarantine (small)CAD24.95

Quarantine (small) RL207 

Calibration DueCAD24.95

Calibration Due RL201 

Cal Not RequiredCAD24.95

Cal Not Required RL200 

Do Not UseCAD24.95

Do Not Use RL209 

Return To VendorCAD24.95

Return To Vendor RL210 


Rework RL211 

Bromark Rapid Label
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T2W 6E4
Tel: 403-252-9992
Fax: 403-252-9994

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